Backup Management


You can take snapshots of the Major Tom app to back up the entire system. On the dashboard at https://hostname:8080/dashboard you should see "Snapshots Enabled", along with a "Start Snapshot" button to take an ad hoc snapshot. If you have existing snapshots you will also see the timestamp of the last one.

There are further backup settings on the Console Settings page at https://hostname:8080/console/settings (accessible via the gear in the top nav).Here you can turn on automatic backups. Set this to whatever frequency you like.

You can also change where the backups are stored. By default backups are stored locally (typically in /var/lib/replicated/snapshots). But we strongly recommend storing your backups off of the Major Tom machine, so that if you have a catastrophic disk failure, you don't lose your backups too. You can select "sftp" configure the relevant fields, and Replicated will upload backup files to that destination.


To restore from a backup, you must reinstall Major Tom, and you will be able to supply a backup file during the installation process. Instead of uploading a license file, click the link to restore from a snapshot. If you stored your snapshots locally, you can browse to one within /var/lib/replicated/snapshots, or you can enter the correct sftp credentials to download one to the machine.

Once the restoration has completed, all the pods should start up again. Their old data should be restored, but just in case there are also individual backup files for the various Major Tom subsystems:

Each pod will contain a /backup directory with those pod-specific backup files, and you can run application-specific commands to restore them. Please contact Major Tom support if you would like to do this.

Storage Management

When you set up the Major Tom appliance, you can configure the allocated disk space for:

You cannot change these values later, so it is important to keep an eye on your disk usage. You can check how much space you've used by running df inside each pod. For example: