Updated: June 8, 2021

This document describes different configurations of artifacts within Major Tom and of Gateway software components interfaced to it.  The intent is to illustrate a variety of the different architectural options that are available, and to highlight which ones are most appropriate for different satellite and ground station alternatives.

Definition of Terms

The following terms are used in this document and have very specific meanings within Major Tom’s architecture.

This document is organized into the following Sections:

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Section 1: Single Satellite Configurations

1 Sat, 1 GS Configuration (2 Gateways)

The most straight-forward case is a simple Mission that contains only one Satellite.  There remain a number of architectural and configuration options even in this case.  The set that most directly matches Major Tom’s conceptual model employs a single dedicated Ground Station, and two different pieces of Gateway software, one that is responsible for the Ground Station and one for the Satellite.


In this configuration, the lower Gateway is responsible for reporting telemetry from, and sending commands to, only the dedicated Ground Station.  The data to and from the Satellite passes through the Ground Station, but is the responsibility of the upper Gateway in the illustration.