Alpha - Subject to change

Before you begin

Add Atlas to your mission

In the Major Tom UI, use the Ground Station tab to add a new GSN.


If you don’t see the menu including “Ground Station Network”, then you need to double check with the Major Tom team that your account has GSN Integration enabled.

Select Atlas from the list of providers, and name your connection to the GSN for this mission. Then click the “Add” button.


Enter your Atlas credentials

You should be taken to the Settings page for your Atlas GSN connection. Under the heading “ATLAS API Credentials” enter the API url, the key, and secret provided to you by Atlas. (You’ll need to have the “update_team” permission to view and modify these entries.) When all fields have data, a blue “Update” button should appear on the right side of the panel. Click that button.


If the credentials and url are valid, and if Atlas has populated your test instance with ground station resources, then you should see those ground stations populate into your UI in the Ground Stations tab, on any dashboard tracking maps, and on on any dashboard pass timelines.


Update your Atlas data host names